Month: February 2016


Well, I recently secured a narrator for my audio book, Relations! So those of you that know people who like to listen to books as opposed to reading them, tell them about it. Or if you like audio books in general and contemporary romance novels in particular, check it out yourself.

I think that his voice is fantastic.

Stay tuned.


Three Line Tales – Switch

Trying my hand at Sonya’s challenge,

Whatcha lookin’ at?

Let’s trade places.

How ’bout that?

You’ve got to read it with a Robert De Niro type of attitude, on the part of the cow. 🙂


A Poem for the Voter – Vote!


This is my contribution to LovelyCurses blog:

Blood has been shed.

“I’m not gonna vote,” you said.

Was it all for naught?

How much time have you got?

Does it really take that long?

Not as long as it took

our ancestors.

Those sharecroppers,


and also maids.

Shoe shiners,


and most of all, slaves.

Will it cost you that much?

It cost them a lot.

And you think now

of what you haven’t got?

Think of what they may

take from you later.

It’s probably what they want

since it’s not your vote

to whom they cater.

Wise up, young ‘uns

and old folks, too.

Let’s make sure they know

that we aren’t fools.

One is a lonely number

but joined by another

counts for another vote cast.

It’s up to you, sisters and brothers.

They’re waiting,

your ancestors

and so am I.

Copyright 2016 by Pamela D. Beverly


This poem is inspired by Lovely Curses’ blog,

More than, less than

I hate the word Minority

it means less than.

It’s supposed to refer to our numbers

but how do we know

that it’s not the opposite of we can?

Categories in general

just set my teeth on edge.

There are too many of them around.

Into our hearts, it drives a wedge.

More than, less than

may we just equate

that we are all human beings

born of the human race?

Mankind is supposed to be superior

to all living things.

Sometimes I don’t see it, though,

’cause countless wars still persist,

their ends we’ll never know.

Pamela D. Beverly                            #BlaPoWriMo