Month: December 2016



Here it comes


Not the Fourth of July or Halloween.

What do you have planned

for the New Year?

Most will say

holding their loved ones near.

But my mind keeps straying

to the world at large.

I hope that the President-elect

doesn’t barge

into a nuclear arms race.

I kind of like the world on its face.

Although I’d be the first to say,

it needs some work

whether or not

you consider him a jerk.

We’ve got to start

considering an alternative

to bombing and all that goes along with


and that’s a fact.

The earth as a whole is

on the precipice of disaster.

You can’t say no unless

you don’t think lives matter.

There is nothing else

except for extinction.

I think not–we can try to save it in

some way.

“In what way?” you ask.

I haven’t a clue.

I will say a lot of consideration

is due.

Don’t mean to get

all grim up in here

’cause I’m still going to hope

for a Happy New Year.

© Pamela D. Beverly