Month: January 2017

Share Your World – January 29, 2017

Share Your World – January 29, 2017

Do you prefer juice or fruit? I love orange juice but it doesn’t like me so much anymore. I have to say that I like both equally–I like eating fresh pineapple but I don’t care for pineapple juice that much. I love grape juice and I also like grapes. So it just depends.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it? I guess it was considered a medium-sized city, although I lived on the outskirts of it (Washington, DC). I never paid that much attention to it. I knew many of the kids and grown-ups in my neighborhood or knew of them so in a sense, it was like a small town. I liked it because of that reason.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use? I would say off-white, brick-red, granite-gray and green. I lived in a large apartment complex which consisted of a number of mid-rise brick  buildings in an off-white color, with brick-reddish insets. Apartments were on three sides of us. In front of our building and the attached building was a large parking lot consisting of asphalt where the residents parked as well as in the playground, which I don’t think is allowed these days. Green would be the trees interspersed here and there around the complex. This photo doesn’t do the place justice; however, all of the photos I had neighbors in them so I’m using this one to protect their privacy.

Ways to relax list: Make a list of what relaxes you helps you feel calm.

  1. Writing.
  2. Listening to music.
  3. Resting after a workout.
  4. Watching TV although some programs can actually make me feel tense, like the news, lol!

Optional Bonus Question: What are you grateful for from last week and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m thankful that the deer that collided with my car didn’t wind up in my lap! As for this week, I’m looking forward to finishing up some work pertaining to my second novel.




Close Encounter of the Rudolph Kind or a Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Grocery Store

Close Encounter of the Rudolph Kind or a Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Grocery Store

And it wasn’t even Christmas!

I think he (the deer) made it off to the other side of the highway all right. I didn’t see any evidence of him after he “flew” over my car’s roof. At least I’m hoping that’s what happened and that he rested in the woods somewhere after our “meeting” and then went on about his business.

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging  much lately.

Three Line Tales – A Fatal Underestimation


Image Credit: Annie Spratt

Got the inspiration for this little tale from Bikurgurl at

Here’s my two cents. Or should I say, three line tale:


I tried to smile

although upon my entrance, the recluse I thought harmless

double-bolted the front door.

Pamela D. Beverly