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#2017: My Writing Year in Review


In some ways this year felt like a decade. It’s been long and hard. I’m not only talking about politics, world events or life in general. I’m talking about my writing life.

I worked on the editing, formatting and cover design of my new novel, The Love Labyrinth. Don’t misunderstand–I handed it over to the pros to edit, format, etc. But we all know that the author has to do the preliminary work as well as make the final decisions.

I felt like my eyes were bleeding from reading, editing and just looking at words so much. My fellow writers know what I’m talking about.

Then finally, the self-publishing aspect of it was upon me and once completed, like a mother bird, I set my book free.

Along with marketing, marketing and more marketing.

Did I say marketing?

Not to mention working on my blog and social media sites.

I also worked on two other manuscripts this year but my novel, The Love Labyrinth, sucked most all of the air out of the room, figuratively speaking.

At other times, 2017 flew by like a whirlwind. Still, there were some things I wanted to do that didn’t come to pass: A month-long blog tour I got to participate in–except when it was almost time to showcase my own novel.

Shortly after that, when it came time to launch my book, I wasn’t able to have a blowout book launch like I wanted. Both ended up curtailed as a result of the same thing, an illness that hit me hard and without warning.

I did manage to publicize it on all of my social media sites and on other blogs.

Despite those things that didn’t come to pass, I spent considerable time and money this year participating in blog tours, having bloggers review it (still hoping that more will be forthcoming, hint, hint), book festivals and fairs. Finally, I had The Love Labyrinth developed, along with narrator Arnetta Ellinwood, into an audiobook and promoted several audiobook giveaways. I’m proud that I have three versions of The Love Labyrinth for purchase now.

I can say to myself that I have done all that I can do and hope to have the other two manuscripts that I’ve been working on their way soon as well.

Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2018!

Is There Bias Against Unknown Authors When it Comes to Advertising?

Add to Goodreads Image credit: Google

Let me preface my post by first stating that I think that the concept of Goodreads is an excellent one–to bring readers and authors together. To that, I have no dispute.

And I know, it’s free to join.

I recently published by second novel, The Love Labyrinth. I’ve been a member of Goodreads since mid-2012, about the same time I published by debut novel, Relations. I hosted two giveaways in the past but I was eager to find other ways to advertise on the site for my new book. Well, it is very expensive, at least for me and I told them so. Heck, some of us haven’t even sold enough books to pay for the work it took to have it published (editing, covers, etc.)

Now don’t get the impression that I don’t spend money for advertisements. I have done so in the past and I am currently doing so with my second book. I expect to pay. Something. However, the placement and advertisement of books on Goodreads’ website seem to be geared to those authors that are already well-known, best-selling authors or authors well on their way to being both well-known and best-selling. And if I had the kind of the money they expect us to fork over, I’d probably be both, too.

Therein lies my dismay. How then, do those of us authors who aren’t well-known or best-selling yet, get exposure and play with the big boys of the literary world?

Why can’t it be more equitable for us all?

What do you think, fellow authors and readers? New authors or those of us who are trying to make our way in the industry of writing and self-publishing, cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars to advertise on Goodreads or anywhere else for that matter, sometimes on one ad. Don’t even get me started on why advertising costs so much in the first place or we’ll be here all night.

So, in essence, our voices are muffled, purely based on economic opportunity and not on talent. And well-known/best-selling authors continue to have an advantage. Their ads are seen and ours aren’t, because we can afford to purchase them in the first place.

How about you? Do you think there is bias in advertising when it comes to authors? Or do you think I’m barking up the wrong tree?

Prince Georges County Book Festival, May 23, 2015

If you’re in the Washington, DC area:

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Check out authors of all ages.

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Pick up a copy of my novel, Relations. 🙂

Hope to see you there!