Finish it, #8

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She shook her head vigorously, so vigorously that she almost lost her balance. She righted herself, terrified as rocks shifted beneath the worn running shoes she wore; several falling into the jagged abyss below.

Why did she care what they thought? her conscience hammered inside her skull. Isn’t that why you left?

“You’re right!” She screamed. Her shriek reverberated along the cliff’s walls. “Why should I care?”

Her thoughts jerked back to just a few hours ago, when she overheard The Chosen One talking to one of the other followers. “It is nearly time. The world is no longer safe and we must leave, in order to be right with the Creator.”

She watched as He slid his hands up and down Ruth 46’s shoulders. He had given all of the female followers the name of Ruth. The males he had christianed James. They all knew him as The Chosen One. No one the name he had been given before he came to The Compound.

He flicked the long hair away from Ruth 46’s shoulders and nuzzled the side of it.

Her stomach recoiled as she watched from behind a lone pine tree.

“I must consummate myself with you–join my soul with yours before we–”

At that she had turned and ran, never looking back. Forcing her mind back to the present, her conscience rejoiced. You’re stronger than him. He is NOT the Messiah! He’s just a sick, twisted pervert, getting his jollies from The Family’s misfortunes!”

She backed away from the cliff’s edge and took a deep breath to stabilize herself. “I’ve got to get help.”

More stones fell over the side as she turned and took a different path.

11 response to "Finish it, #8"

  1. By: ladyleemanila Posted: April 3, 2015

    wow, this is great! creepy, as well 🙂 cheers for now!

  2. By: authorsbmazing Posted: April 6, 2015

    Oooohhh… what a great story! Thanks so much for writing! I will reblog it tomorrow morning.

    • By: relationspdbeverly Posted: April 6, 2015

      Thanks. Actually, I felt kind of bad after I completed it, realizing it was Easter weekend. But I tried to conclude it on an optimistic note.

  3. By: creakingbones Posted: April 7, 2015

    Sounds factual to me, there are so many weirdos out and about, one has to be alert at all times. So many of them have the gift of the gab to, particularly where vulnerable individuals fall under their spell.
    A great bit if fiction though, well done.

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