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I Am One of the “Non-Essential”

It is ridiculous.

A government shutdown.

What does it accomplish?


It’s like this picture here.

A blank wall.

A picture of nothing.

Uninformed people like to say that ‘non-essential federal government employees should be let go permanently’.

They don’t know what they’re talking about.

Picture a war scenario.

Although the soldiers on the front line are the heroes, those working in the background are the unsung heroes.

The cook is an unsung hero.

So are the mechanics who repair the tanks, jeeps, etc.

The payroll department.

The cleaning staff.

The folks that sew on the stripes and other insignia as well as hem the trousers and skirts of those wearing the military uniforms.

And countless others.

They are the cogs that move the machines or the oil that lubricates them, as it were.

Now you can place this into a non-military aspect as well.

During a government shutdown, the “machine” may work for a while without its “non-essential” federal employees but not for long.

A skeleton crew cannot hold down the fort for long by itself. And contrary to popular belief in some quarters, federal employees like to earn our salary just like those who work in the private sector.

It is a costly endeavor as well as unnecessary.

A shutdown solves nothing.

It throws everything essentially in reverse.

Dance steps of confusion.

One step forward, three steps back.

I am one of the “non-essential” federal government employees that work in this country and all over the world.

I provide a service which over the long term, affects many in my agency when it is not available.

In addition, think of those who aren’t paid much in general, for example, lower grade federal employees who aren’t paid much or those who are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

It winds up being a domino effect to many essential and “non-essential” employees who won’t be paid in a timely manner.

It certainly doesn’t help the economy. It is definitely a waste of money.

A domino effect that no one wants to be a part of, particularly during the holiday season.

No one should find glee when they talk about the government shutdown.

Compassion would go a long way during this trying time for many people.

It is not simply a few shuttered museums and monuments although think of the disruption this is causing to those sightseers who come from far and wide and were planning to visit these places during the holiday season.

We’re all in this boat together and the longer this shutdown continues, the bigger the hole in our boat gets.

Let’s just hope that it is short.

Copyright by Pamela D. Beverly

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