Contemporary Romance

Why are relationships so difficult?

Take Simone Walker, for example.

She’s a young, competent emergency room nurse.

But lately her life just feels like one long slog.

And as for members of the opposite sex.

Why bother?

Then there’s Vaughn Pernell.

As a heavy equipment operator with a road construction crew, it was like playing when he was at work.

And as for his love life, he was open to a new relationship.

They say opposites attract, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

Treasure is now available for readers who prefer to read a traditional ebook or paperback. You can now do so without waiting for episodes to be published each week in Kindle Vella.

A little funny, a little dramatic, a little sexy and spicy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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a type of hunger

A Type of Hunger

Contemporary Romance

A Type of Hunger, A Novella is about a man, Nate Hunter, who loses his job, which is a part of his being. He doesn’t know how to live a life of unemployment, no matter how long or short. And being a man whose manhood is all tied up with his work, his life spirals out of control, becoming something even he doesn’t recognize. He hungers for his life the way it was.

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The Love Labyrinth

Contemporary Romance

Noelle Harrison is a hard-working wife and loving mother to two young sons. Although supportive of her husband Wayne’s professional pursuits, she rails at his constant out-of-town travel to conferences and seminars. What about her needs and wants?

Facing a life-threatening situation, she has a decision to make.

There are two sides to every story. Or maybe three.

What reviewers are saying: 

– A tangled circle of love, deceit, forgiveness and reconnecting.

– It had a great mix of character perspectives and even the minor characters had their unique “flavor”. I highly recommend it!


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Children’s Books

What if an Octopus Followed Me Home?

What would you do if on your way home from school, you made friends with an octopus?

That’s what happened to Julius Jackson, an eight year-old boy, who noticed a little octopus following him home.

Julius makes friend with a little octopus, who he calls Mack. His mother is shocked but Julius thinks that Mack is lost and alone and needs a friend.

Watch what happens when he brings little Mack home.

Would you do the same thing if it were you?

For children ages 3-6

The Sorry State of Technology

I would like someone to explain this to me. First, let me set the stage: I purchased a Dell laptop in November 2022. Fast-forward to December 2023. Not quite 13 months after my purchase, I lifted the lid and heard crackling. At this time, the framework pulled away...

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