Can You Hear Me (or My Adventure in the World of Audiobooks)

I have been asked whether my novel, Relations, was available as an audiobook. Crestfallen, I had to admit that it was not.

Well, it will not be that way for much longer for I am delving into that dark and scary but envy-inducing world of audiobooks! Envy-inducing because I have considered the audiobook option for quite a while now and envied those authors who were brave enough to take the plunge. Scary because quite frankly, most things that are unknown to us are scary-at least to me, especially when it comes to contracts and other legal documents. Will it be worth the hard work and sacrifice?

Sacrifice, you say?

Yeah, sure. I mean, look at what day it is! I should be kicking back, savoring Christmas Eve or at least running around the town for last minute bargains. Not!

I’ll keep you appraised of my progress. I have already listened to two auditions! Can you guess what I’m wishing for Christmas?



3 response to "Can You Hear Me (or My Adventure in the World of Audiobooks)"

  1. By: Delaney Diamond Posted: December 31, 2015

    It’s a little intimidating at first, but after reading the ACX Help section and speaking to another author, I decided to take the plunge and created 4 audiobooks this year. I already have auditions set up to create 4 more next year.

    Good luck to you! 🙂

    • By: relationspdbeverly Posted: December 31, 2015

      Yes, it is intimidating, which is why it took me so long.

      Wow, you’re really rolling!

      Thanks for the well wishes, Delaney. It means a lot, coming from you. Good luck to you!

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