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Ever since I saw the preview of the Dr. Phil show regarding the episode that featured George Zimmerman’s friends (who shall remain nameless), I waited with anticipation.  I attempted to keep an open mind.

And then I watched it.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially people I don’t know.  Why?  Because I don’t know them, of course.  But I was bitterly disappointed .

I’m glad that Dr. Phil did ask most of the questions I would’ve liked to ask George’s “friends” — a policeman, no less, and his female companion.  I believe they were married.

It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is how, try as he might, the male friend of George Zimmerman could not summon up a compassionate look or timbre to his voice whenever he spoke about Trayvon Martin.  He appeared to me, like a deer in the headlights, although it smacked of being fake as well.

How could he talk of being “heartbroken” for Trayvon’s parents and stepmother, yet walk in an aggressive, nearly Wild West-like, down the street, packing a firearm during the opening remarks of the show?

And funny how, barely before the firestorm of outrage had begun to die down and Trayvon’s body had grown cold, that this man and his female companion had managed to squeeze out a book (supposedly) on George’s behalf.

Also funny how he kept announcing that he was the friend of George Zimmerman, the most hated many in America, although that could have been a publicity ploy by the staff of Dr. Phil.

He kept mentioning that he wanted the evidence to be played out in court, yet there he was on a talk show.

With a newly-published book.

Who had proudly announced that he had harbored a fugitve.

And is a member of the police force in Florida.

He was “concerned” about George Zimmerman being unable to earn a living in the future.

Well, Trayvon Martin will never be able to earn a salary, nor is he living.

He matter-of-factly, even proudly announced, that he had helped George Zimmerman select and learn how to fire the weapon that killed a teenager who will never reach manhood.

Man, I wish I could have asked him questions!  For instance, was it he who suggested that George Zimmerman lose weight to rid himself of that stocky build and appear thinner and possibly, more vulnerable to the public?

And with George Zimmerman’s own skirmishes with the law, why did he even help him purchase a gun?

Why didn’t he try to talk him out of owning one?

As Dr. Phil stated, he could’ve retreated that evening instead of following Trayvon and worse still, getting out of his car to pursue him.

Maybe he should have told George to give up being part of the Neighborhood Watch program since it seemed to make him more combative as opposed to proactive or helpful.

Was George paranoid about crime or being a victim of it?  According to the words I heard come from his own “friends'” mouths, he seemed so.

With George Zimmerman on a neighborhood watch, who needs Yosemite Sam?

I will be following his cour case very closely…

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