Finish It #21

Here’s my contribution, Authorsbmazing to your Finish It #21 challenge (

“I can’t–” Shirley continued to ramble around in her purse, then stopped. “I’ve been robbed!”

“Tell it to the judge,” Ramos replied. He gestured to the bored-looking TSA agent slumped over on the stool nearby. “Avis, call the police! Quickly!”

Avis, sensing the start of excitement and possibly an apprehension on what what was usually days full of boredom, sat up straight snd reached for her walkie-talkie. “Can we get a member of the San Diego Harbor Police Department at the Customs area on Concourse #2, asap!”

“10-4, TSA.”

Shirley’s head swiveled back-and-forth, as if it were a spinning top, between both the TSA and Customs agents as she yelled, “I’m telling the truth!”

Ramos’ grip on her arm was deceptively strong, despite the loud, theatrical snapping of his fingers on his other hand as he pulled her out of the line with almost ballroom-like grace. It would have been funny to her if she wasn’t in her current predicament.

Just past the line of travelers filing out of San Diego International Airport, Shirley watched as a man she recalled bumping into at the baggage claim carousel headed toward the airport exits and into the world beyond.

Feel free to finish it, if you wish!

7 response to "Finish It #21"

  1. By: authorsbmazing Posted: July 5, 2015

    Oh! Not funny! Poor girl! Would love to know what others come up with 😉

  2. By: memeethemuse Posted: July 15, 2015

    “Almost ballroom-like grace” … I love all of your descriptors, you’re great with them. That is where my stories lack. I’ll be following you and hopefully pick up that skill!

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