Finish It #34 – Surprise!

She saw the bundle in the corner, covered by dirty blankets. It moved. It was freezing cold. No wonder it was trying to find cover or at least a little bit of it under the shredded and filthy fabric. It must be desperate, she thought. She was just about to walk on when she heard the sound coming from under the blankets. And it was not what she had expected to hear. She froze and slowly turned around…

Okay, here’s my contribution,

…as the cover began to move in a zigzag manner, then fell, revealing the head and a portion of the body of

a big,


diamondback rattler.

And the sound that emanated from it was unmistakable.

4 response to "Finish It #34 – Surprise!"

  1. By: relationspdbeverly Posted: October 8, 2015

    Thanks! At first I was going to make the object a rat but changed my mind after thinking about what people might expect the object to be.

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