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I just finished reading Operation Atonement by Talia Hibbert. It was royally entertaining and I enjoyed her no-holds-barred, in-your-face style of writing, with a liberal dose of, dare I say, mischievousness thrown in. That was the author, for sure.

The main character, Dionne (and I did not recall the author mentioning her last name but found out what it was reading other reviews) is a woman who is full of bravado but at the same time, is possessed by more than her share of insecurities. She and her friends gab about Dionne instituting what she calls Operation Atonement. I know what atonement means but I wasn’t sure who she had wronged. I figured out that she wronged one of her best friends, Eli North, back in the day and they basically made amends at a reunion that she attended and where she met up with Eli and his fake date for the evening, Adam McLoughlin. 

For one thing, Eli is gay and Adam is not but he agreed to do that favor for his friend because frankly, Eli wanted to shut down his bitchy and mean schoolmates from back in the day.

Add to that the fact that Dionne’s mother disowned her seven years ago and you’ve got a virtual kaleidoscope of issues that she has been grappling with for a long time. There were three phases to Operation Atonement but she didn’t get to them all in the order that she wanted–but I’ll leave that for you to read about for yourself.

I have to say that the whole sex worker thing I didn’t see coming! And I think I would’ve had to knock brotherman out but that’s just me. I would’ve liked for Dionne’s backstory to be examined as well as Adam’s but if it was was a novella, it can only be so long.

I enjoyed it, Ms. Hibbert, and I thank you for the free book for signing up for your newsletter. I will definitely be plunking down money and reading more of your books.

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