Pamela D. Beverly

Author of Contemporary Romance & Children’s Books

I’ve been shaking my head a lot lately.

I just don’t understand.

How does a person abduct and keep young girls hostage for a decade?

A grown man.

A former bus driver.

What’s happened to mankind? Seems to me that we’re virtually speeding our way to hell in a handbasket.

Why didn’t Ariel Castro  want a woman his own age, or at the very least, legal age and why didn’t he go about it the right way–by going out with her and allowing it to her be her choice and not by force?

How does a man even acquire the mindset to do such a thing?

I used to watch the news and it seemed to me that the ratio of bad news to good was say, 75 percent good to 25 percent bad. Most of the bad consisted of wars, corruption and the occasional story about an kidnapping or shooting.

Now that ratio seems to be turned on its head.

My head hurts.

There seems to be more outrageous (and not in a good way), unsettling, and just totally depressing news being broadcasted these days.

We may not be able to control wars being declared or the evil, perverted and demented people that seem to be coming out of the woodwork and performing such acts but we can do our best to prevent these individuals from harming our most precious resource–our children. Far too many are being abused and killed these days.

Even if a child is not yours, you should do your best to safeguard those in your neighborhood. If you see a suspicious activity about to occur, don’t ignore it. Sure, it may be scary and you might not want to get involved (who does) but think about this–would you rather see a crime committed that you could’ve prevented?

Although the kidnapping of the three girls in Cleveland has had a happy ending, they (now young women) were exposed to unspeakable horrors that no one in their right mind would want members of their family or friends to go through. I think we are our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper.

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