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This is my contribution to the Flash Fiction Challenge I read on Nortina’ s Lovely Curses blog,  Unfortunately, I can never figure that frog link out but here it is.



“Why do you want to do somethin’ stupid like that? ”

“It’s not stupid.” Donnie cackled. “It’s funny!”

Hank didn’t even bother to look up from his cell phone at his best friend, whose antics tended to lean toward the larcenous variety. “It’s stupid.” He dodged Donnie’s attempt to snatch it. After a few minutes of this, Hank sighed with an exaggerated air and stuck it in his back pocket. Darkness approached and using it as cover, Hank followed Donnie.

Skipping like a cherub, Donnie threw two lit cherry bombs inside the ear of one of the gaily-colored plaster bulls standing above the stairs of City Hall. The bulls were there to advertise the bull riding contest at the stadium armory.

Donnie snickered as they scampered away. Loud blasts took most of the head off of the aforementioned beast.

It also lit up their faces for the security camera.

©Pamela D. Beverly

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