Pamela D. Beverly

Author of Contemporary Romance & Children’s Books

“But I don’t like either one of them.”

Yeah? Well, pick the lesser of two evils.

I already know who I will be voting for in the presidential election November 6  and I don’t feel this way. However, for those of you who are undecided and tend to look at both candidates as choices you’d rather not make, select the lesser of two evils.

Because when you think about it, what choice do you have than taking an apathetic stance?

Look at it this way–if you don’t make a choice, you make it by default.

Sure, you can write-in a candidate but quite frankly, that candidate usually doesn’t win. That person would have to be well-known and his or her viewpoint extremely popular among the undecided masses for that to happen. Even then, there aren’t enough undecided people eligible to vote for person to win the election.

President Obama’s and Governor Romney’s views differ a great deal, which should make the choice that much easier. After all, whose way of thinking aligns the closest to your own?

If that doesn’t sway you, think of all of those people in this country, Black and White, that died fighting for the right to vote.

Think of those in other countries that are still fighting.

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