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Does it seem like enough exposure is given to computer hacking in general and cybercrime in particular?
The other day there was a news report about a Russian group that hacked into over one million passwords and usernames. Right after that, the company responsible for handling background checks for government employees’ website was breached.

Say what?!

Alarming as all of this is, they are only the latest in what seems to be bigger and more ominous incidents which seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.

I know one thing, I’m sick to death of hearing that consumers will have to monitor our credit card accounts more closely while the agencies involved wring their hands or feebly offer to accompany us to court, in the event that the criminals pilfer our accounts into bankruptcy. Thanks!

Why isn’t academia and military recruits pushing young adults to major in cyber security as a life pursuit? In the case of the military, the recruiters could give bonuses or other incentives to the new recruits for going into that career field. We don’t have the money for it, you say? Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that we bailed out the banks and the auto industry–what’s the harm in ponying up additional cash for the Department of Defense? I’m betting that at some point, we would make it up in the reduction of these crimes.

Elementary, middle and high schools could participate as well. The schools could have contests whereby the best solutions given would win prizes for that school. The geeks (and I say that with the upmost respect) would be ecstatic, earning face time usually reserved for the sports heroes.

Affected companies of hackers should be required to notify the victims and the laws tightened against cybercrimes. In fact, if it is discovered that the companies are negligent or reluctant to divulge information that would be helpful to credit cardholders, online bank users or anyone else whose passwords or usernames have been stolen, they should be, at the very least, fined. If it was up to me, they’d be prosecuted and face jail time. And it wouldn’t be a white-collar, country-club-style prison, either.

No frills, baby.

What say you?

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